Over 60 employees form Street Lighting Australia's design team, each having graduated from well-know university's around the world in the areas of optics, thermodynamics, industrial design, electrical engineering, information engineering, the arts, ect. The abilities of this powerful team give Street Lighting Australia unmatched technical strengths. Excellent products must be created with the idea of surpassing all others and imposing strict requirements on oneself. Street Lighting Australia has one of the most technologically advanced, first class research laboratories. With some of the most elite instruments in the world, the lab is able to engage in product load tests that over industry standards as well as perform meticulous lighting performance research.

  • New SMT Line

  • X-ray Tester

  • Goniophotometer

  • Accelerated Aging Test Chamber

  • Integrating Sphere

  • Temperature Raise Test System

  • Vibration Test Bed

  • Transportation Simulator

  • UV Aging Test Chamber

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